General Info / FAQs


Visit our Ticket Page for pricing on Ticket Packages and the Gondola Club. Tickets purchased online offer quicker access to the event. Online tickets may come from ThunderTix, please check your spam/junk folder if you received your receipt, but not your tickets.

Tickets are the same price at the gate but are CASH ONLY.
Parking is $10.00 and not part of General Admission Tickets.


The address is 2595 E River Road, Louisburg, NC 27549.

Gate Hours

Friday 5/28: 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 5/29: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 5/30: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Monday 5/31: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - very limited activity - no balloons, food, vendors, displays or rides)

Wheelchairs/Mobility Info

This is a working farm. There are no paved or smooth roads or paths. The area is filled with all the clumps of grass, divots, and bumps you should expect to find on a farm. You may choose to rent an electric Mobility cart. These are provided by Mobility Concepts, LLC near the main entrance.

Balloon Flight/Teather Info

If you wish to fly in one of our balloons, please contact the pilot of your choice directly to make arrangements. All of our pilots are listed below along with their contact information. If you do not see any contact information for a particular pilot, they are not offering rides. Rides are $275.00 per person. This is non-negotiable. You will meet your pilot at the Balloon Operations Tent inside the venue. Payment is made directly to the pilot. The pilot will have you sign a waiver before your flight. Tethered rides will be offered at $20 for adults and $10 for children under 12. Cash only. Tethered rides are done on a first-come-first-served basis. Please go to the Tethered Ride Tent for Tickets and signing of Waiver.

Youth Policy

Children 16 and under not allowed without a parent (or guardian 18 or older) present. Youth tickets will not be sold to youth without a parent (or guardian 18 or older) present. Although this is a family-friendly festival, and kids of all ages are welcome, we cannot be responsible for youngsters here without adult supervision.

Parents/Guardians of Teens

Your teens are at a potentially vulnerable age. We encourage you to talk to them about how to make wise decisions surrounding their health & safety while attending events with thousands of people. We especially encourage you to attend with your teens. Many parents have also found that volunteering with their teens can be an excellent way to experience the event together. If you want to be a volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Application.


There is plenty of parking at the festival site, right off of E River Road. General Parking is $10.00 per vehicle.  Parking is paid in cash upon arrival at the event and is not included in the event general admission price.


If you are looking for a hotel, we strongly suggest your favorite search engine as it will help you find something that meets your needs much better than we can.


At this time we are not offering camping or RV spots to the general public. Please use your favorite search engine to find a comping area that fits your needs.

Coming & Going

You may leave the venue to go back to your car if necessary. Please go to the ticket booth and ask them to scan your ticket when you leave. This will enable you to reenter. If your car leaves the parking lot, you will need to pay to park if you return.


Trash bins are located throughout the venue please use them.

Can I bring a cooler with food and beverage in to the festival?

Coolers, bottles, and food are NOT permitted on the festival grounds for safety reasons. The festival provides an assortment of unique foods in our food area.


NO PETS! Service pets will be permitted if they are for the service of the human they are with. Please check service animals in at the Ticket Booth upon arrival.

Umbrellas, Sunshelters, Tents

You may bring a small parasol, rain umbrella, or small sunshade (less than 5'x5'). Anything that obstructs the views of others or has poles (solid or collapsible), such as Beach umbrellas, tents of any kind, sun shelters of any kind are not allowed. Do not bring them or you will have to return them to your vehicle.

When do the balloons fly?

Hot air balloons are very delicate and require just the right amount of wind. It may seem like a calm day but the weather is always a factor in deciding if the balloons will launch. Safety is our priority. Typically hot air balloons fly during the 2-3 hours after sunrise and the 2-3 hours before sunset when winds are at the calmest. You will not see balloons during the middle of the day. Look for balloons after 6:00 PM

What happens if it rains?

The event will continue if it rains. In the event of lighting or severe weather, you will be asked to return to your vehicle.

Bag & Folding Chairs

Single-person chairs are allowed in the venue as are blankets.


All ticket sales are final.

Alcohol Agreement

The First Fruits Farm Memorial Balloon Festival is a family festival and it is very important to us that everyone feels comfortable, respected, and safe during their stay here. We have a NO ALCOHOL OUTSIDE OF DESIGNATED AREAS POLICY – meaning you must keep your alcoholic beverage in the area where you purchased it. We will have a very large Beer and Wine Garden area for our guests to enjoy local craft beers and an assortment of wines. ALCOHOL BOTTLES AND CANS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE STAGE AND FESTIVAL AREAS. Public intoxication and drug abuse are not acceptable and we reserve the right to (and will) intervene if we believe anyone is acting inappropriate and/or disrespectful. Underage drinking is illegal. We kindly request that First Fruits Farm be treated with respect in all ways. Thanks!

Drone Policy

Drones are not permitted anywhere in or over First Fruits Farm. It is a safety measure for our air entertainment and our guests. There are no exceptions to this policy.

There are many areas where you can only use cash. Although ATM's are available, there may be a long wait – so come prepared with enough cash in hand!

Bring cash

A Few Tips from Us to Stay Healthy & Safe

Unplug! Cell phone coverage is spotty – at best. You will have better luck sending a text. Take the picture or video and worry about posting it later. Bring sunscreen Bring bug spray Bring a hat Wear shoes that are comfortable on grass fields Upon arrival note the location of First Aid and Security, they can be found on the Festival Site Map. Stay hydrated! Water is available at all food vendors and other locations of the venue. Use the buddy system, stay together and keep an eye out for one another. If you witness something that feels unsafe please report it to security or the closest person in a volunteer shirt. Use & trust your best instincts.

No outside food or drinks are permitted.

Tickets for tethered rides are not sold in advance

We will sell tickets for tethered balloon rides at the event only when weather conditions have been approved for tethered rides.

Is this a smoking-friendly event?

No. If you need to smoke, please do so inside of your car in the parking lot. Absolutely no litter. Absolutely no smoking in the balloon area. Discarded lit cigarettes or embers from ashes could melt or damage the balloon’s fabric. The entire field is grass, and we will take smoking seriously as a fire hazard.


There are inherent risks associated with being at FIRST FRUITS FARM MEMORIAL BALLOON FESTIVAL or a FIRST FRUITS FARM event. By participating in First Fruits Farm Memorial Balloon Festival in any way (ticket purchaser, volunteer, staff, performer, vendor, etc) YOU are fully responsible for your physical and mental self, your belongings, your vehicle, your actions, injuries, accidents, illness, property damage, or other occurrence arising in any manner whatsoever out of your participation in activities sponsored by FIRST FRUITS FARM MEMORIAL BALLOON FESTIVAL. In addition, all persons attending this event, by their presence, may be photographed, videotaped, or broadcasted and, waive any claim related to the use of their image for promotional purposes for NC MEMORIAL BALLOON FESTIVAL, LLC, FIRST FRUITS FARM, or AMAZING GRAZE. Be respectful, kind & responsible.

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