With over 150 acres of event space, we anticipate a wonderful socially distanced gathering over the Memorial Holiday weekend. Based on our involvement at other balloon festivals in our area. Parking can and has negatively affected festivals. We are excited to offer a festival with a tremendous availability of on-site parking. There will also be nine hours of non-balloon programming throughout the day to keep guests entertained.

Traffic and Parking
We have engaged Mott McDonald Engineering to plan our traffic flow, parking, and pedestrian flow on the venue. Their experience includes planning the US Open in Pinehurst as well as assisting with other traffic solutions in the past. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department will head up traffic movement from interstate/highway to and from the venue.

Local and County Fire, EMS, and law enforcement will be onsite to ensure safety for all of our guests.

Once our guests arrive, they will be directed to over 100 acres of parking by Triangle Parking, Security, and Tram Company. Having managed parking at major venues throughout the United States, we feel assured that they can ensure a safe and orderly parking experience for our guests
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