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Flight simulators

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Charter flights

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airplane rentals

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If you want your name and logo to be seen by the attendees of the biggest event Franklin County has ever seen, we would like to partner with you. With your help we can make this festival a huge success benefiting First Fruits Farm and a variety of military organizations who focus on the families of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. These groups include Gold Star Moms and NC Survivors Outreach, Military Missions In Action, US Veterans Corp, and others. If you are looking to help these types of organizations, please complete the form below and we'll get you additional information.

Additionally, Our plan is to have as many standard-size American and Military Flags flying throughout the venue as possible. This is also to help some of the various groups who will be represented at the festival. The cost is $250.00 per flag. Your name will be listed on all "Flags provided by" signage throughout the event. If you want to donate a flag, please complete the form below.
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