Memorial Flag Garden

There will be a waterfront Memorial Flag Garden at the venue where loved ones can remember our country's greatest Heroes. Our plan is to have this in a solemn yet very visible location throughout the venue. Military Missions in Action (MMIA) has agreed to host and manage this area where attendees may place a wooden stick flag, provided by MMIA, into the grounds surrounding the main flag in the Memorial Garden.

Many people write names, scripture, or tape a picture on the wooden stick to personalize it. It is one of the most moving and inspirational things one can witness. At the end of the weekend, the flags will be gathered, given back to those who planted them or taken to area cemeteries.

There will be a location near the Memorial Garden of Flags where our guests can write a letter to the family of one of our fallen Heroes as well as letters to living Veterans. We hope this gives our guests an opportunity to share their respect in a real and tangible way.,
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